It is said that Millenials are the generation that is going to decisively change the world more than any other generation. Millenials are searching for purpose, meaning, and making a change in the world. Young people no longer just want to have a well paying job, they want a satisfying job and life. We seem to all be on the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction. How do we find that? We hear of words such as peace, love and justice and yet we watch TV or scroll through Facebook and see the opposite. We want to make a difference but we don’t always know how.

This blog is to create a space to share stories of people seeking after peace, love, justice and a fulfilling life. I will be sharing my own experiences, as well as other’s.  I believe that it is through storytelling and vulnerability that we can relate and help one another.  I strongly believe that it is through empathetic listening and dialogue that we can obtain peace and love. Sometimes a blog can be a one way channel of communication, but I want it to be interactive so please feel free to comment and reach out to me!

Have a blessed day!